report published by Harvard Business Review stated that 71% of managers believe that employee engagement is one of the most critical factors in the overall success of the company. In order to engage your blue and grey collar employees, you must have a targeted strategy to inspire the frontline workers to ensure they’re utilizing the digital workspaces well.

Failure to engage them will cost your organisation an average of 34% of your total employee’s annual salary. Employee engagement is the core need of the hour. Great employee engagement leads to:

  • 21% more profitability
  • 41% fewer absences
  • 59% reduction in overall turnover

Employee engagement is very important for employee retention and as an employer, you need to make sure that your employees are engaged and happy. Otherwise, you’ll be joining the ranks in the organisations suffering in the major shift of The Great Resignation.

The impact of employee engagement 

However, despite knowing of all the above facts, most of the frontline workforce is still disengaged at work. But does it really matter? And how does it impact an organisation? In this blog, will discuss the key points that will show how to ensure your frontline workers are engaged, ensuring they feel motivated about their role in the organisation. So read on.

Employee Retention 

According to Aon Hewitt, employee engagement is the level of an employee’s psychological investment in their organization. And a study says, 81% of employees are considering leaving their jobs if they get another great offer.

And in today’s world, where every day a lot of new businesses are booming, retaining skilled employees especially blue and grey collar employees is more important than ever. Workforce management tools like WorQ has a special feature called DASH. It is an employee benefit and financial wellness platform that provides a personalized and exclusive benefits portal for products and services to make your organization more capable of retaining, engaging, and securing talent.

By implementing these proven employee engagement strategies, you are not only attracting the right talent for your organisation, but you are trying to retain your current employees better. This, in turn, cuts overall turnover and reduces hiring costs.

Customer Experience

Do you know? The frontline workforce makes up around 80% of our entire workforce ecosystem and is an important part of any organization. Frontline employees are the face of your organization and will have the biggest impact on your brand reputation. 

Employee engagement can be more challenging when your workforce consists of blue/grey collar workers. But with blue/grey collar workers making up 80% of the global workforce, it’s a challenge that needs to be addressed.

The impact of employee engagement is not just within any organisation — it also affects how your employees interacts with your core customers. Engaged employees are happier, and thus, be likely to provide a better customer experience. And when your customers are happy with your services, your business will be more successful for sure!


According to Gallup’s Global Workforce Report, the highest productive workers in an organisation are: 

  • associated with organisation for a longer time
  • engaged actively in their work
  • in such roles where their job duties align with their true talents. 

So basically, when employees are highly engaged, they really care about the company they work for and are more likely to invest more time and true effort in their workplace. That leads to 22% of higher productivity, enabling your employees to produce more quality work. And this simply means more revenue for the business. 

Ready to develop an engaged culture in your organization?

By focusing on these key points, you can start prioritizing your frontline workforce and ensure they’re engaged and happy at their workplace, and eventually getting the kind of employee experience that they deserve. Schedule a demo to learn how WorQ can customize an employee engagement plan for your business.

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