What is the impact of employee engagement on your organisation?

A report published by Harvard Business Review stated that 71% of managers believe that employee engagement is one of the most critical factors in the overall success of the company. In order to engage your blue and grey collar employees, you must have… Continue Reading →

Why a traditional HRMS does not work for your blue/grey collar workforce

An HRMS, also known as a Human Resource Management System is the ultimate combination of Information Technology and Human Resources. While implementing a robust HRMS into our organization an HR manager usually focuses on a white-collar workforce rather than a… Continue Reading →

Why employee engagement is important for your frontline workforce?

As a business owner, you want two things for sure – profit and happy customers. And your frontline workforce is the key link between your brand and your customers.  The frontline workforce of a critical asset for an organization and… Continue Reading →

Reasons why investing in upskilling your frontline workforce is a good idea

With the rapid evolution of the tech world, the demand for a skilled workforce is at a peak. In a survey conducted by PwC, it was revealed that 79% of CEOs feel that a lack of essential skills is threatening their… Continue Reading →

Top 3 Proven Employee Retention Strategies That Will Work in 2022

Why employee retention is important for any organization to consider? The reality of HR managers’ problems isn’t so sweet. 47% of HR professionals stated that employee retention was one of the top challenges they faced, followed by recruitment which was at 36%…. Continue Reading →

5 meaningful ways to reduce employee attrition in any organization

What is employee attrition and why is important for any organization to consider? Losing a core employee is always bad news for any company. As an HR manager, you know very well that when an employee leaves, it becomes a… Continue Reading →

What’s New in WorQ: Dash – Employees Benefits Platform

How Can an Employee Benefits Platform Promote an Employee’s Overall Well-being? Did you know that an average employee spends almost a third of their life at work? This is where employee benefits programs come into the picture. Having the right… Continue Reading →

What’s New in WorQ: Grow – Learning & Development Platform

For every business, learning and development act as a secret recipe in order to build an ideal workplace and workforce. A majority of HR leaders are prioritizing learning and development and focusing on their people’s growth. Learning and development (L&D) is… Continue Reading →

HR Software for Remote Workforce Management – The Must-Have Features

According to a survey, the remote work trend has been increased by 91% in the last three years. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, most businesses have adopted working remotely. With this enormous growth, HR leaders have the challenge to manage this… Continue Reading →

What’s New in WorQ: The Survey Feature

Why do you need surveys as an HR manager? We know as an HR manager, you have a huge amount of responsibilities on your shoulders. From managing employee wellbeing to onboarding new staff, and gauging employee engagement rates, there are… Continue Reading →

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