As a business owner, you want two things for sure – profit and happy customers. And your frontline workforce is the key link between your brand and your customers.  The frontline workforce of a critical asset for an organization and their ability to perform their job effectively has a powerful effect on your company’s brand reputation.

Facts say only 31% of the frontline workforce are highly engaged in their workplaces. Similarly, the report by Harvard Business Review stated that 71% of HR managers believe that employee engagement for their frontline employees is one of the most critical factors in the overall success of the organization. 

Do you know? The Frontline workforce makes up around 80% of our entire workforce ecosystem and is an important part of any organization. Frontline employees are the face of your organization and will have the biggest impact on your brand reputation. 

Employee engagement can be more challenging when your workforce consists of blue/grey collar workers. But with blue/grey collar workers making up 80% of the global workforce, it’s a challenge that needs to be addressed.

Here are a few methods to boost employee engagement for your blue/grey collar employees.

Centralize their tech tools

According to McKinsey 43% of organizations who digitally empower their frontline workforce, see excellent progress in their digital transformation efforts. The future of the frontline workforce is more connected than ever. Organizations should help their frontline workers by activating a centralized communication platform.

Just like your desk-based workers, frontline employees need to be empowered by technology too. Platforms like WorQ help frontline employees to receive the required information they need regardless of their location and manage their official documents and other benefits at any time right from their apps.

Invest in their training and development

Training and development for frontline employees is an essential key to employee engagement.  But for frontliners, training opportunities should be flexible and mobile-friendly. One easy way to do this is to digitize their training materials and making it easy for them to aces from any device. That way, employees can access their training programs whenever and wherever they can.

79% of frontline employees believe more frequent learning opportunities would help them feel more engaged at work –  Global Human Capital Trends Survey

Tools like WorQ facilitates upskilling and engagement initiatives not only to boost productivity but also can reduce the annualized attrition rate by 40%-50%. You can start upskilling your employees with a fully-featured integrated digital L&D platform- Grow for quick and engaging training delivered through WorQ.

Empower your employees to make them feel empowered

Frontline employees’ empowerment is a powerful tool that can better engage workers and enhance business performance.

87% of respondents believed their company would be more successful when frontline employees are empowered to make decisions and 72% saw an increase in productivity simply by empowering frontline workers –  Harvard Business Review Report

But the question is how do you actually empower your blue/grey collar employees? The answer is simple – by giving them access to relevant information and documents. On the other way, companies should focus on the overall well-being of their employees and especially frontline workers because they are highly mobile in nature and are the face of the company. One of the effective ways to tackle this is by conducting mood surveys. WorQ provides an interactive mood survey feature by which you can easily gauge the employees’ feedback.

Ready to develop an engaged culture in your organization?

By focusing on these key points, you can start prioritizing your frontline workforce and ensure they’re engaged and happy at their workplace, and eventually getting the kind of employee experience that they deserve. Schedule a demo to learn how WorQ can customize an employee engagement plan for your business.

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