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What’s New in WorQ: Grow – Learning & Development Platform

For every business, learning and development act as a secret recipe in order to build an ideal workplace and workforce. A majority of HR leaders are prioritizing learning and development and focusing on their people’s growth. Learning and development (L&D) is… Continue Reading →

HR Software for Remote Workforce Management – The Must-Have Features

According to a survey, the remote work trend has been increased by 91% in the last three years. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, most businesses have adopted working remotely. With this enormous growth, HR leaders have the challenge to manage this… Continue Reading →

What’s New in WorQ: The Survey Feature

Why do you need surveys as an HR manager? We know as an HR manager, you have a huge amount of responsibilities on your shoulders. From managing employee wellbeing to onboarding new staff, and gauging employee engagement rates, there are… Continue Reading →

Reimagining the Future of Work with HRMS Technology

In India, the future of HR technology systems is bright with the ongoing growth of HR tech which includes advanced AI and ML solutions for better decision making. HR managers can use these technologies to get a better insight, manage the… Continue Reading →

Best Practices for Successful HR Tech Implementation

According to research,  the HR Technology industry in India is worth around $34 billion. An average organization spends around $2,000 on different HR tools and services per employee per year and that is definitely a considerable figure!   HR technology is a giant marketplace today. Traditionally, workforce management software were limited to a few standard processes like payroll management, attendance & leave management. But currently, organizations have started leveraging HR… Continue Reading →

Top HR trends that can’t be ignored in 2022

The HR trends to watch in the coming year Nearly 60 percent of HR managers stated that building essential skills for their employees will be a top priority in the year 2022. Drawing a curtain on the year 2021, HR… Continue Reading →

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